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Found: The Manhattan Apartment that's the Farthest from any Subway


If there is one thing I learned while living on the Upper East Side many years ago, it’s that York Avenue is quite a hike from the subway (at least as far as hikes from subways in Manhattan go). That fact can sometimes help keep housing prices down, at least until the 2nd Avenue Line comes in.


October 2, 2014 – Clinton Hill Townhouse Loft

224 Greene Avenue
Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York
$3,500,000 | 3 Units | 3 Floors | Approx. 3,700 sq. ft.

Perfect Clinton Hill Live-Work Loft multi-unit opportunity. This three unit, two residential & one loft commercial space, is your wildest dream come true. The 1000 SF ground floor commercial unit is zoned for easy conversion for bar or restaurant with 26 feet of prime Greene Avenue frontage and a 1100 SF cellar.


Anonymous asked: Dog, "legally" anyone is allowed to "self-identify" as African-American. It's not like anyone gets sent to jail for that.


Ironically people get sent to jail just for being African American on the regular.

Just want to say this to have said it


I just wrote something like this in an email to friends who told me the latest (I’m off twitter), which is apparently that Ed Champion made a suicidal gesture and is in Bellevue (not confirmed.)

I have a hard time even talking about how terrible the week that he published that rant was for me….

Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell? All your dreams came true, except they’re the dreams where your face gets sucked into the drain at the bottom of the pool. I mean if they wanted a guy that looks like Vince Vaughn but can act, they should have gone with Jon Favreau.
I feel like these dudes are expecting to have a McConaissance. There is no Vaugnaissance happening.


There is no Vaugnaissance happening.

There is no Vaugnaissance happening.

There is no Vaugnaissance happening.

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Here we go. 

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Sing it.

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